Life-Cycle Celebrant®

People are hungry for meaningful, personal ceremonies to mark milestones in their lives, to come together as a community, and to acknowledge the cycles of the natural world.  I will soon be offering this to you as a professional ritual-maker.

As a LIFE COACH, when we work together, you will:

Defrost your dreams.  Create a clear picture of what you choose to create.

Acquire TOOLS an strategies that will get you into action immediately.

Learn how to let go and be open to what shows up.

Question your thoughts and limiting beliefs. What’s holding you back?

Design internal and external environments that will support and sustain your changes.

Make a plan for taking the first successful steps to living a more conscious, intentional life.

Prepare to stay motivated, on track, accountable, and growing.


“Since I began working with Julie, I have really turned my life around. I am becoming so much more clear on what I want in life, and also on what I do not want. I am going in the direction of my dreams, and I have the tools to get there!” Anna in Ames, Iowa

KD, a happy Coaching Client said: “My coaching sessions with Julie are the anchor of my week. The techniques she teaches combined with her exceptional listening skills facilitate deep self-awareness and remarkable growth.”

“I trust Julie to keep what I tell her confidential. During our coaching sessions and after, I feel calm, centered, and clear. I highly recommend Julie.” SB

Don't be afraid