What in the world is a life coach?

A Life Coach usually works with you over the phone (telephone coaching), or in person, often in weekly sessions, to partner with you in investigating your limiting thoughts and beliefs, identifying what you want, encouraging you to take action, expanding your thinking, and helping you achieve sustainable success.

If you feel stuck, need a plan, or have a vague dissatisfaction with your life as it is… I can help you find a way to transform your life into something deeply meaningful and highly satisfying.  Whether you want help achieving a specific goal, finding a career direction, or buffing up your whole life, I can help you get there faster.

How does a Coach do that?

A Coach will expand your vision or awareness, clear away perceived obstacles, help you make a plan, keep you motivated and on track, hold you accountable, and design environments that will help support you and sustain lasting change.

How? By asking you powerful questions that will help you focus in on what is most important for you right now.

By helping you clear away the clutter and energy drains that keep you from being your best.

By helping you define Success  at its foundation (which means being your best, most authentic self, living with integrity, doing work/activities that you love, enjoying health, financial freedom, happiness and loving relationships).

That is how.

How can life coaching help me?

Most of us live our lives by reacting to what happens to us rather than navigating our own path. By thinking of your life as a design, you can take control and navigate your own path toward the greatest life possible. Working with a coach can help you discover who you really are by dissolving limiting beliefs and uncovering your essential self.

If you want to live a more conscious, intentional life I can help you:

  • Find out what’s holding you back and question your thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Expand your vision
  • Defrost your dreams and reinvent your life.
  • Create a more meaningful and purpose-driven life.
  • Add more joy and happiness to your life.
  • Help you stay motivated, on track, accountable, and growing.

Design environments that will support and sustain your changes

How is Coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Martha Beck said,  “A Life Coach can be thought of as the behavioral equivalent of a personal trainer.  A therapist, like a physician, works with unwell people to restore them to health.  A Life Coach works with healthy people to help them achieve maximum ‘fitness’ — that is, well-being and quality of life.”

Coaching differs from counseling or therapy in many ways. Coaching focuses on the present and where you want to go from here. Most therapy focuses more on the past and how you got to here.

Coaching is action-oriented, and therapy is understanding-oriented.

Coaching uses a training and sports model: the client wants to learn new skills and achieve a higher level of performance. Therapy often uses a medical model: the patient needs to be cured.

If I see that a therapist would better serve the challenges you are experiencing, I will be candid with you about it and refer you to a therapist. Some people can work with a therapist and a coach concurrently, and others prefer to do therapy work first and coaching next.

I heard you sometimes use the work of Byron Katie in your work.  Who is Byron Katie and why do you focus on The Work of Byron Katie?

This approach is by far the best method of inquiry that I’ve discovered to break the vicious cycle of negative and self-limiting beliefs. It’s a simple process of questioning the thoughts that come up as we go about the day, and the results are often dramatically freeing.

This powerful process can be used to achieve clarity and open up possibilities about anything that has kept you stuck—addiction, body image, aging, illness and death, family challenges, partnership, relationships, sexuality, success and failure, money and work—anything and everything that causes you stress. For more information go to http://thework.com/index.asp.

How do I decide whether this will work for me?

You try it.

I offer a complimentary fifteen-minute session to see if we’re a match.

Why not live your greatest life? What’s stopping you?

Talk to me…

“If we are not careful, life remains very small.”