“Since I began working with Julie, I have really turned my life around. I am becoming so much more clear on what I want in life, and also on what I do not want. I am beginning to go in the direction of my dreams, and I have the tools to get there!” Anonymous, Ames, Iowa


Endorsement from MP, Fairfield, Iowa:

“Julie helped me turn on the light when I was sitting in complete darkness. I will always be grateful to her for that.

During November of 2005 I was diagnosed with advanced stages of breast cancer, and with kidney cancer as well. Understandably I fell into a state of hopelessness and despair. My family and friends were supportive and loving, but they were unable to reach me.

Fortunately, Julie Blum was at the time an acquaintance of mine. She connected with me, and with her wisdom she was able to pull me out of my desperation. She helped me comprehend that good health was actually in my future. At that point in my life, that understanding was crucial, and so far from my awareness at that time. Julie directed me to create my own coping skills so that I was able to go forward. She helped me see the different options that were available to me as far as treatment was concerned, and also the different possibilities available to me for support. She pointed out to me the many healthy people who had gone through similar situations and overcame their illness. Julie encouraged me to see this diagnosis as a gift, and as something that would make me a better person.

It is now 4 1/2 years since my diagnosis and I happy to say that I am healthy, and living a full and active life.”

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Julie, Thank you for asking for my feedback. It gives me a chance to thank you for being so understanding in the process of coaching me about a personal matter that has tormented me for 30 years. I felt very vulnerable even bringing up to myself. Your process allows someone like me, a control freak who compartmentalizes emotional pain to segregated box in my mind and heart, to express deep emotional issues without feeling compromised on any level. It allowed me to look at my problem without feeling so much angst. And your solution to my problem was hysterical and made me laugh both when you offered it and when I used it to deal with my personal matter. Thank you Julie for making my life much smoother forever.

All love to you, Brenda Narducci, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Philanthropist, and Queen of her Universe.

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All I did was answer her questions and explore what my honest answer would be. It was all so revealing. Humbling , too, to be honest.  I came to the realization that I bring my pain upon myself by the way I think about the problem (whatever it may be). Through Julie’s coaching, her questions and council (though there was very little council, really), I shifted my thinking, and in a most simple but profound way now I feel, oh, such relief! I am impressed with Julie’s coaching and so very appreciative.   A.K, California


My life coaching with Julie has enabled me to focus on a concrete issue and see it evolve. When I faced a big decision recently and became paralyzed by indecision, Julie was able to help me move forward using my values and goals. She has a way of asking the right questions which allowed me to see my situation in a completely different light.  I had a limited perspective and Julie was able to help direct me to a wider and deeper perspective. Working with Julie is like having a wide angle lens. Thank you Julie!           SR, self-employed.

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Julie has a way of listening, truly listening. That alone is such a gift. During  our sessions, my mind, and therefore my conversation, roams the unfathomable landscape of emotions. Without appearing to do so, I sense that Julie’s goal is unwavering: to ask me occasional questions that will lead me to a yet undiscovered realization, my own insight. In the truest sense, she isn’t actually doing anything!  As I answer her simple questions, I might feel a tightness in my throat, maybe my chest, or my neck but I don’t feel I am walking a road alone with her questioning. And as though we walk into a clear meadow from a dark and heavy place, I breath, I feel open! Such relief! It has happened several times now. Thank you, Julie!     Stacey Hurlin, Iowa