Need Simplicity?

During this very busy holiday season, I offer this. If you are feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or exhausted this is for you. images
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On this page is an Excerpt from Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Calm: Guided Meditations to Deepen your Spiritual Practice by Christina Feldman.

“You may discover that your capacity to feel at ease in stillness and simplicity brings with it a greater sensitivity and awareness. Let stillness and simplicity be regular companions in each day, a source of renewal and creativity.

“Take some moments to reflect upon your life and sense where it is cluttered by objects that no longer serve you well. What are you holding on to, out of anxiety, that you no longer need? Sense whether letting it go would create more spaciousness in your life.

“Reflect upon what your mind most frequently dwells upon. Sense whether the spaciousness of your own mind has been undermined by preoccupations, fantasies, goals, or desires that do not contribute to your well-being. It is possible to let them go?

“Reflect on your life and sense where it may be possible for you to create a greater simplicity. What would you be asked to let go of? Sense how many of the richest and deepest moments in happiness in your life have been moments of great simplicy.”

“Reflect on what it would mean for simplicity to be a dedicated theme in your life.”

What do you think?

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