Happy Jewish New Year to all my Jewish Friends.


This is a summary of Pirkei Avot* as taught by Maury Schwartz, beloved father, grandfather, and teacher.  Maury taught religious school for 60 years

•    Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.
•    In all things, strive to cause no harm.
•    Treat all living things with respect.
•    Treat your fellow human beings, your fellow living things, and the world in general with love, honesty, and faithfulness.
•    Do not overlook evil or shrink from administering justice, but always be ready to forgive wrong doing, freely admitted and honestly regretted.
•    Live with a sense of joy and wonder.
•    Always seek to be learning something new.
•    Test all things; always check your ideas against the facts, and be ready to discard even a cherished belief if it does not conform to them.

*Pirkei Avot (Hebrew: פרקי אבות‎), also pronounced Pirkei Avoth, or Pirkei Avos, which translates to English as Chapters of the Fathers.  It  is a compilation of theethical teachings and maxims of the Rabbis of the Mishnaic period. Because of its contents, it is also called Ethics of the Fathers. The teachings of Pirkei Avot appear in the Mishnaic tractate of Avot, the second-to-last tractate in the order of Nezikin in the Talmud. Pirkei Avot is unique in that it is the only tractate of the Talmud dealing solely with ethical and moral principles; there is little or no halacha found in Pirkei Avot.

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