LIFE COACHING is one of the best gifts you’ll ever give yourself. Hiring a coach is a powerful process designed to get you in touch with your authentic self, dissolve negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that hold you back, and to hear the call to your true destiny.

Life Coaching can help with ALL aspects of your life: Family, career, finances, relationships, living environment, mental and physical health, and spirituality!

Email me to set up a free 15 minute phone session.


These private sessions are weekly 50-60-minute phone coaching sessions with emails in between. To experience optimum results, I recommend that you commit to at least 3 SESSIONS in the beginning if you can.

  • Individual Sessions: $60.00 per hour
  • Package of 3: $165.00
  • Package of 6: $299.00

“Since I began working with Julie, I have really turned my life around. I am becoming so much more clear on what I want in life, and also on what I do not want. I am beginning to go in the direction of my dreams, and I have the tools to get there!” Anonymous, Ames, Iowa



INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL – 2 One Hour Sessions for only $150.00. Original Value $199.00

The Passion Test is a sure way to get clear about your passions and live your passions.  The Passion Test is a S-Y-S-T-E-M (Save Your Self Time Energy and Money) for finding what you are passionate about in a fun and inspiring way.  It is a simple, yet powerful way to get clear about the top 5 things that matter most to you and then offers a process to make those a priority in ones life.

Most people don’t find and live their passions because they…

    Listen to their mind and not their heart (passions come from the heart)

    Are unclear on what they really want (clear desires bring clear results)

    Put their attention on the wrong things (instead of what they want to have, be, or do)

    Have limiting beliefs which are false (i.e. I’m not smart enough…when I make more $$$ then I will be happy, etc)

    Are attached to the outcome (i.e. holding tightly to how things should be…figuring out how to control the situation…worrying about the process/outcome)

    the reasons could go on and on…

If you want to create a truly meaningful life, The Passion Test will help you:

  1. Clarify what is most important to you right now.

  2. Help you understand how to consistently choose in favor or your passions and begin living passionately today.

  3. Learn some tools to use when you run up against challenges, obstacles, and limiting beliefs.

  4. Help you have a strategy you can use for the rest of your life for aligning with your passions.



You will learn how to:

  • Take The Passion Test and discover your top 5 passions, define success for yourself, and make a game plan.

  • Discover how your body and emotions are your personal navigation system to guide you to your best life.

  • Listen to your inner voice, quiet your mind chatter and tune out what society or others say that takes you off course.

  • Question your thoughts and clear away limiting beliefs or perceived obstacles.

  • Understand the Cycle of Change that occurs every time we experience change and transformation.


Endorsement from MP, Fairfield, Iowa:

“Julie helped me turn on the light when I was sitting in complete darkness. I will always be grateful to her for that.

During November of 2005 I was diagnosed with advanced stages of breast cancer, and with kidney cancer as well. Understandably I fell into a state of hopelessness and despair. My family and friends were supportive and loving, but they were unable to reach me.

Fortunately, Julie Blum was at the time an acquaintance of mine. She connected with me, and with her wisdom she was able to pull me out of my desperation. She helped me comprehend that good health was actually in my future. At that point in my life, that understanding was crucial, and so far from my awareness at that time. Julie directed me to create my own coping skills so that I was able to go forward. She helped me see the different options that were available to me as far as treatment was concerned, and also the different possibilities available to me for support. She pointed out to me the many healthy people who had gone through similar situations and overcame their illness. Julie encouraged me to see this diagnosis as a gift, and as something that would make me a better person.

It is now 6 1/2 years since my diagnosis and I happy to say that I am healthy, and living a full and active life.”